Welcome to Bridgmont Farm!  We are a family farm that has been here in Westhampton, Massachusetts for over 228 years.  We  offer our own grass fed beef and pastured pork for you to purchase right here at our farm store at 71 Chesterfield Road.  We now have steaks and burgers and ribs for the grill.  Look at our Cooking page to see what to do with all our great steaks.  I  have my grill ready for burgers and steaks and hamburg is great for meatloaf and pasta recipes.  Keep some in the freezer and transfer to the fridge, the night before you want to prepare it for supper.

NOTE:  We’re at the new store at 71 Chesterfield Road  and the current CSA has started. We welcome you to stop by to purchase beef and pork at the store without belonging to the CSA.

Our beef  is USDA inspected and humanly slaughtered according to the principles of Dr. Temple Grandin. (http://www.biography.com/people/temple-grandin-38062) Our  meat is certified grass fed with no antibiotics or hormones by the USDA.  Our beef and pork products are packaged in convenient, ready to use sizes that are vacuum sealed in clear plastic and flash frozen.   Please call or e-mail Peter or Mary to make sure we’re close by to help you.

Bridgmont Farm offers certified, grass-fed, dry-aged Beef CSA Shares that start in the spring and fall for 6 months each

We have plenty of Maple Syrup for yummy breakfasts or for hostess gifts.  Also gift certificates are appreciated for maple products, pork, or beef.

We have compost by the bag or by the yard for your gardens.

Just so you know, we have our ground beef at River Valley Market on North King Street in Northampton and also a variety of cuts at Outlook Farm on Main road in Westhampton, as well as at our farm store on Chesterfield Road in Westhampton.

Looking forward to seeing you, Mary and Peter Montague

Bridgmont1@comcast.net               413-527-6193         www.Bridgmontfarm.com