Our grass fed beef is from our own Hereford/Angus cross cattle, raised here on our farm in Westhampton. Grass fed beef is naturally lean and has excellent flavor. Our beef is aged to provide you with a tender, juicy, flavorful meat that will leave you satisfied. This information is a general description of the cuts. The key to a great steak-do not over cook!

Filet Mignon-long revered as the best cut of beef, the filet mignon is from the tenderloin. The trimmed tenderloin makes an excellent steak. Grilling, broiling, and sautéing are the best methods for cooking tenderloin steaks. No marinade needed.

Delmonico-A Delmonico is also known as a rib-eye steak and is cut from the rib-eye roast. It is flavorful, tender, and a very high quality cut of meat. It is best when grilled or broiled and does not require marinating.

Porterhouse Steak – The Porterhouse is similar to a t-bone but has a larger tenderloin on one side of the bone and the sirloin strip on the other. A great steak for the broiler, grill or pan. Keep your cooking of this steak to medium

T -Bone Steak- This steak has a bone with a generous cut of meat on one side of the bone but a smaller tenderloin on the other side of the bone than our porterhouse. Good grilled, broiled or pan cooked. Our steaks are cut thick to keep them moist and juicy when cooked to a medium.

NY Boneless Sirloin Steak- The boneless sirloin is a flavorful and tender steak. It can be grilled, broiled, sautéed, or pan-fried and is even better if it is marinated first. Sirloin Tip Steak comes from the bottom tip of the sirloin section. It is less tender than the sirloins with bones.

Skirt Steak- Skirt steak is a thin, long, fan-shaped cut and is one of the most flavorful of all steaks. Skirt steak is the authentic meat for fajitas, preferably. This cut is particularly delicious when marinated because its’ loose texture allows it to absorb flavors and its’ strong taste holds up to bold seasonings.

Flank Steak – A flank steak is very lean and another of the tastiest cuts on the steer. It is delicious when grilled, but should not be cooked too long. Consider marinating before cooking and always slice across the grain when serving to ensure tenderness.

Top Round Steak- The top round cut is one of the leanest steaks so does well either marinated and grilled or braised and cooked slow at a low temp. This is a meat that does well in your crock-pot. Think swiss steak or shish kebobs or roasted and sliced thin.

London Broil-The London Broil is a thick steak that is cut from the top round roast. It is flavorful and more tender than other round cuts, but some prefer it marinated first if it is to be grilled or broiled. This steak may be best sautéed, so you end up with some juices.

Hanger Steak- There is only one hanger steak per animal. It is tender with a deep beefy flavor. It usually weighs about 3/4lb so it will feed 2 nicely. It can be grilled or sautéed.