About us

Bridgmont Farm was established in 1786 in the north end of Westhampton by Elisha Bridgman. In 1889, Emma Bridgman married Alfred Montague, Jr., thus joining two families that are the ancestors of Bridgmont Farm. The farm has a continuing history of cattle, maple syrup production, and lumber.
Peter and Mary Montague purchased the farm from Peter’s grandfather’s estate in 1976 to become the 7th generation to farm the land and raise animals. They operated a dairy farm of award winning Holstein and Guernsey cattle until 1995 and now raise beef cattle, meat goats, and hay.  They also work together, with their family, to produce maple syrup, lumber, and make compost for sale.

Now the newest chapter at Bridgmont Farm.  Peter and Mary, the seventh generation to continuously farm at 61 Chesterfield Road, are moving to 71 Chesterfield Road and are opening a new store for sales of maple products and their grass fed beef, pastured pork, and compost at the end of June 2014.  Matthew Montague and his wife Happy and their children have moved into the farm house at 61 Chesterfield Road to become the eighth and ninth generations to farm this land.

Link to Bridgmont Studio:  www.marymontague.blogspot.com

Sugaring season