Beef CSA

                            Bridgmont Beef CSA-Fall 2017

Welcome to our certified, grass-fed, dry-aged Beef CSA (community sustained agriculture).  Our Hereford and Angus cross cattle are raised on pasture and our own and locally harvested hay.   We do not supplement or finish our cattle with grains or corn nor do we use added hormones or antibiotics.

Our beef is processed under federal USDA inspection in Athol at Adam’s Farm. Their new facility is designed using the Temple Grandin principles for humane processing.

This plan allows a family to buy meat at a reduced price and receive it in quantities that will fit in your regular size refrigerator-freezer.  All of our meat is flash frozen, labeled and vacuum sealed.

A full share per month of approximately 12-13 pounds will work for a family of four.  A full share is also suitable for sharing with family or friends.  Smaller households might want to purchase a half share, or about 6-7 pounds per month.  The CSA will run for 6 months and will restart every 6 months.

A monthly share includes lean ground beef as well as a mix of specially cuts such as Tenderloin steaks, Rib eye steaks, Sirloin steaks, Strip steaks, London Broil or Flank steaks.  Also included could be pot roasts or oven roasts, brisket, short ribs, beef sausage, meaty soup bones, or stew meat.

Full Share    $100. Per month/600. due at start       Half Share   $50. Per month/300. due at start

Bridgmont beef CSA runs for 6 months with full payment due before first pickup October 5, 2017.  We  have 25 shares available so contact us soon to join.  Pick up, at the farm, is the 1st Thursday of each month, 2-6pm.  Alternate times can be arranged by calling us ahead of the pick-up day.


Advantages for the consumer:

You can be confident that our animals are well cared for and processed using humane methods. You know that there are no added hormones added to the cow’s diet. Because the cattle are not under stress as in feed lots, the incidence of illness is practically non-existent. We make our own compost and have been using it on our fields and pastures. You are supporting local farmers and the local economy. You and your family can enjoy the benefits of pasture-based food.

We, and our family, enjoy this meat too.

Bridgmont Farm Grass-Fed Beef CSA Agreement

I,____________________________, hereby enroll in Bridgmont Farm’s beef CSA for 6 months beginning October 5, 2017.  I choose to receive a (circle one) FULL or HALF share.  I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my share, at the farm, on the first Thursday of each month between 2 and 6pm unless other arrangements are made between myself and Peter or Mary Montague before the scheduled pick-up day.  I agree to make payment by check or cash for the full or half share before the first pick-up day by mailing payment to Bridgmont Farm, 71 Chesterfield Road, Westhampton, MA 01207 or by dropping it off at the farm.  Customers that bounce checks will be assessed a $25.00 fee and will not pick up their share until the check clears the bank. This represents the agreement in its entirety.  No amendments or additions shall be made unless written and signed by both parties.


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